Yuan shen men
inner path taoism

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Life Lessons

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why Study INNER PATH taoism?

There are many branches, families, and paths of Taoism.
To name just a few, there is:

Cultural Taoism – This is actually Local Folk Traditions that have merged with elements of Taoism.
Religious Taoism – Acts of Devotion, Temple Practices, etc.
Philosophical Taoism – Study of Taoist Classics, such as the Tao Te Ching.
Spiritual Taoism – Focus on my “Taoist Alchemy” practices and higher skills such as Meditation, Feng Shui, Healing, Talismans, etc.

Inner Path Taoism – This is actually a modern term, coined to uniquely describe Yuan Shen Men. We share a great deal in common with all of the branches listed above. Benefits to our practice, such as: increased calmness, increased energy, higher skills, more balanced control of our emotions, intellectual growth, and a better life path devoted to self-improvement are all a happy side effect of the cultivation. However, the day to day focus of The Inner Path is not cultural expression, worship, philosophical contemplation, or physical cultivation. The daily practice of Yuan Shen Men Inner Path Taoism is to Rediscover the Original Nature and Awaken the Potential of the True Self.

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Years of Experience

A streamlined system based on intense study and investigation into the most efficient methods for the MODERN student.

Streams Of Knowledge

An understanding that is based on diverse experiences within the world of Taoist practice.

Unified Program

A curriculum that is organized, achievable, and simplified.


Why do we practice Yuan Shen Men’s Inner Path Taoism?
1. Yuan Shen Men takes an interesting approach and it works for us.
2. Yuan Shen Men is dedicated to building a community of dedicated people who are willing to work hard, apply the practice, and to help each other along the way.
3. Inner Path Taoism leads to transformation of a person into a better version of themselves, a deeper understanding of their True Nature, and the path to return to it.

Why do we need a teacher?
1. Guidance and mentorship; to have a clear roadmap along the way, and troubleshooting the unforeseen challenges that will arise.

Why do you need to practice a system?
1. You don’t “NEED” to. Many people have cultivated for an entire lifetime and by the end were able to realize and tap into their true nature. Many others failed at the same lifelong pursuit. Some people like the act of wandering and discovery.
2. A good system just offers a clear, practical, step-by-step path that is tried and true.

How do I join?
1. Yuan Shen Men is not for everybody.
2. We have made available a complimentary online course to introduce what we do, as well as to give everyone a chance to decide if this is what they are looking for.
3. Next, because we value the principles of the community we are building, we will have a review, interview, and acceptance process to pass through.
4. IF a potential practitioner is accepted, then they will be notified and prepared for the initiation process.

Why do we need initiation?
1. Awakening into the system (access to the cultivation methods and practices that members do), which includes the proper training to practice safely and with protection along the path.

Deeper Benefits Of Practice

Jing Zuo Meditation
“The 12-volume Chinese dictionary Hanyu Da Cidian defines the term JingZuo, roughly:

– Sit calmly and quietly
– Sit calmly with closed eyes, ridding the mind of thoughts
– A type of Qigong therapy; closing the eyes, moving the body’s energies, ridding the mind of thoughts, sitting calmly without moving.”

Within Yuan Shen Men Inner Path Taoism, Jing Zuo actually works to allow the student to revise every layer of their being. Cultivation starts from the physical thoughts and emotions, then progresses to the Mind/Soul/Heart, and finally to the True Spirit. 

Benefits of Jing Zuo may include: Happier Living, progressively increased control of Emotion and Thought, increased Awareness of Mind, opening up Spiritual Senses, Interactive Communication with Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, Awakening the Original Spirit within, and ultimately Liberation.

Qi Gong
In the past, students have self-reported benefits such as improving health, better metabolism, stronger immune system, improved function of organs and glands, and faster healing from injuries when practicing regularly.

Shen Gong
Practice meant to develop power of the spirit and increase the ability to manifest our intent. At higher levels, able to open up internal doors (spiritual senses) and remove blockages to those senses. Just as our physical body has senses, our more subtle spirit nature also has 5 senses, which we can become aware and in control of. Think of it as True Sight, True Hearing, True Feeling, True Speech, etc.

Usually, these are each thought of as different practices. However, think of Yuan Shen Men Jing Zuo and Shen Gong as two handcrafted parts of a whole mechanism to break through the boundaries to what is beyond the physical realm: communication with higher realm and higher beings. Though not exactly the same, the closest concepts in English would be talking to a “God” or “Goddess” which lives in their “Heavens” or “Divine Realm.”