THE YSM Way Of Life

The Journey from The Path to The Primordial.


The Yuan Shen Men Pai (Family/Lineage) and Yuan Shen Men Spiritual Taoism (Cultivation System) was developed by
Master Lin Fa Shu.

Sifu Lin Fa Shu has practiced for 25 years and learned indoor (as a direct pupil) within three different Taoist spiritual cultivation systems:

  1. San Qing Jiao Zu, Grand Master Lou Meng Su, 1995 – 2005
  2. Tai Qing Dao, Grand Master Ye Fa Pao, 1997 – 2007
  3. Tai Shang Men – Xiao Yao Pai, Grand Master Lie Song Hoo, 2008 – 2017

“First of all, Thank You to each of my Sifus, all of whom have passed away. I am still deeply grateful for the teaching, guidance, methods and experiences that they were each gracious enough to share with me over the course of my learning with them. After 23 years of learning and study, I began to compile and develop a method that presents the results of my own study, internal reflection and discoveries. Yuan Shen Men is my own self-developed method. It is my offering, in honor of those who taught me, those who helped me, and all other sincere practitioners around the world. The name of this Taoist spiritual cultivation system is Yuan Shen Men Inner Path Taoism. This method was officially completed for public presentation in 2020 after extremely intense practice, and I look forward to sharing with all those who are sincere and have an affinity with my practice.”

The Protector of our system of Spiritual Taoism is Xuan Tian Shang Di




why Study INNER PATH taoism?

There are many branches, families, and paths of Taoism.
To name just a few, there is:

Cultural Taoism – This is actually Local Folk Traditions that have merged with elements of Taoism.
Religious Taoism – Acts of Devotion, Temple Practices, etc.
Philosophical Taoism – Study of Taoist Classics, such as the Tao Te Ching.
Spiritual Taoism – Focus on my “Taoist Alchemy” practices and higher skills such as Meditation, Feng Shui, Healing, Talismans, etc.

Inner Path Taoism – This is actually a modern term, coined to uniquely describe Yuan Shen Men. We share a great deal in common with all of the branches listed above. Benefits to our practice, such as: increased calmness, increased energy, higher skills, more balanced control of our emotions, intellectual growth, and a better life path devoted to self-improvement are all a happy side effect of the cultivation. However, the day to day focus of The Inner Path is not cultural expression, worship, philosophical contemplation, or physical cultivation. The daily practice of Yuan Shen Men Inner Path Taoism is to Rediscover the Original Nature and Awaken the Potential of the True Self.