Why do we practice initiation?

3 Purposes

A. Welcome into the Family
Creating a bond and line of communication

B. Responsibility
Your Sifu petitions the primordial spirit to guide the cultivation life of this student and to protect / watch over their well-being.

C. Safety
Formal permission and agreement to use the methods of the family so that they can be done in a safe and proper way. It is irresponsible to give out training methods separate from proper guidance and guardianship to prevent the student from being misled. The agreement is to practice the methods or guidelines safely and in the correct order. Access to the family and teacher also acts as a means of problem solving and risk management.

4 Processes

A. Learning the Traditions
An overview of the routines and practices of the Family

B. Cleansing and Ceremony
Basic symbolic offering of incense, fruit, and tea, as well as formally reciting the rules of conduct

C. Refuge
Receiving protection by San Qing and making a promise as a student to practice diligently, practice safely, and practice under the guidance of your teacher.

D. Training

Receive details on the methods as well as face to face examples of how to practice properly.

tao robe
* Do not feel compelled. Those who have an affinity are welcome. We realize it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
* The Intro Course is Free and the Initiation is Not for profit. 
* A Sifu is here for the cultivation process and achievement. Wealth, status, nationality, etc, none of these matter.
* You can continue to practice other methods, just not at the same practice time (do not mix mechanics up together)
* You can be a member of any religious faith, if you are open minded and willing to practice the method properly