main practices

Gong means “Training”

Qi Gong

Basic Training, because a Healthy Mind needs a Healthy Body

Shen Gong

Cultivating your inner Spirit Energy (Shen Li).

Jing Zuo Gong

Cultivating the Consciousness to be able to utilize the Shen Li to interact with and open the door of the Higher Consciousness.

One thing that makes the Yuan Shen Men method unique is that there is no separation between Daily Life and Spiritual Practice. Inner Path Taoism, in that regard, is a Solution for our modern times.
~ Sifu Lin Fa Shu

Who has time to stair at a wall in a cave for 15 Hours a day?

We all have modern lives to live and succeed in. 

However, when Life Skill and Meditative Skill have been carefully designed as two-parts of one functional whole, then it is possible to practice Spiritual Cultivation even as We go about our Daily Life.

That is the Yuan Shen Men “Way”