San Qing (The Three Purities) – The Origin Of All
We take refuge in the San Qing, which means to pay respect to the origin of all and see them in all beings. This respect means to have compassion in day to day life and to never forget that we are all from the same essence.

Tai Shang (Supreme Being) – The Highest Divine Principle
Represents before the life timeline.

Yi Shi (Primordial Consciousness) – Original Spirit
Contains the 5 Cosmic Elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth)

Xian Tian (Pre Heaven) – Ancient Deity
Represent divine principles that keep the Balance in the world, this includes your Inner World inside of you as well. They are beyond space and time, are not bound by human emotions, are above language or culture, and do not require worship.

Hou Tian (Post Heaven) – Immortal Being
Represent principles that we learn from humans who have ascended.

Yuan Shen (Original Spirit) – Our True Nature
Our nature has always been what we are. This serves as the container for the Yi Shi. Exists in 5 Divine Senses and 9 Dimension Timelines.

Divine Senses – Just as we have five physical senses, we are also capable of the same as five divine senses. Awakened through training, the senses are to be able to recognize other elements of ourselves, until we can contact the True Element (Yuan Shen).

Communication with the divine / immortal is to invoke wisdom qualities that awaken within us. At the right time, a student will receive the real Tao teachings from these manifestations of wisdom. Deity are not slot machines or genie in a bottle that grant wishes, instead their interest is in assisting humans’ understanding, wisdom, cultivation practice, consciousness and growth in spiritual strength.

Ling Hun – The Soul / Mind / Heart
The container of the many layers of your “identity.” Your 5 senses and 5 emotions, which block out your higher consciousness as well as your intellect, memories, and perceptions / “I” (Ego). Only when the 5 physical senses “sleep” can the 5 divine senses be “awake.” The Ling Hun also contains your action memory (karma) and genetic memory (this part is the reason that we do not reincarnate as animals). All of our false or lower perceptions are our intellects attempt to mark our place in time and/or try to identify, “the higher” (Yuan Shen); the lower identity can only know of the existence of the higher self but it cannot identify it. Think of it, for example, like trying to remember the perfect details of a passing lucid dream, moments later after you wake up from sleeping.

Xuan Tian Shang Di

The Protector of our Family & Methods

Xuan Tian Shang Di represents the Divine Principle of a Chief Commander, in both the macro cosmos and the microcosm (your inner world). Your Yuan Shen is at “war” with your lower qualities in this realm (the cosmos / chaos), and our mission is to subdue the wrath of our emotions and rise above it to a higher consciousness (the primordial / stillness). Taking “command” at each level to close the 5 doors, we may achieve Qing Jing (Clarity / Stillness). It is this principle that motivated Sifu Lin Fa Shu to try to raise the consciousness of humans in these times.